Reader's Rants

Reader’s Rants: Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

This book is so charismatic, and charming in a way that only old Victorian murder mysteries can bring.

Being set in the year 1888, it just so happens to be the exact year that the Ripper started slaying, and gutting, young ladies with specific….career goals.

The main character, Audrey Rose, is trying to break away from all things binding her: the sexist stigma that that time held (woman should not do such things as cutting dead people for autopsies), the infuriating fear that her father has of her catching any disease imaginable, and the mystery that is almost too close to home.

The way that this book is written is so eloquent, it’s old English that you can understand -THANK GOD!  It doesn’t have all of the ‘Thee’s’ and ‘Thou’s’ but it does have the ‘sirs’ and ‘delightfully, I must decline’s.

Audrey Rose spends most of her time trying to learn as much as she can – in a time that woman did nothing but needle point and gossip – about the human body and what secrets they hold.

With the help of a very inappropriate, handsome, intelligent, and infuriating sidekick; Audrey starts to uncover one of the most baffling and horrific unsolved mysteries of all time.

This new author, with the backing of the famous one – James Patterson!, has somehow kept most of the historical facts all together on a mostly accurate timeline. I absolutely loved this book. Maniscalco even writes more! The second book is called Hunting Prince Dracula, which I am very excited about!


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